A Splashing Good Time

by Laurel Dixon on July 30, 2014

The SEEDS kid finished up their last week and half with some fun water activities and a trip to the Farmer’s Market.

On Tuesday, July 22nd, the kids participated in several water relay games from water volleyball to the water life cycle game. The kids learned about the process of water as well as the importance of natural rainwater for our gardens with a splashing good time. To continue the water theme, on Thursday, July 24th, the kids made watermelon salad with strawberry-lemon, and watermelon-mint infused water. The kids put their kitchen skills to work as they washed, cut and minced fresh fruits and vegetables for their watermelon salads and drank some refreshing water instead of sodas. What a cool way to infuse water into our meals and to cool off this summer!

On our last day of SEEDS, Tuesday, June 29th, the kids took a tour to the South Broadway and Maxwell Farmer’s Market. The kids had the opportunity to ask some of the local vendors questions about the Farmer’s Market as well as their experiences working as a vendor in the Lexington Farmer’s Market. The kids were able to understand what it means to have their own business, selling home grown and organic food, and being part of the community. These kids are natural entrepreneurs. I can’t wait what to see what they future holds for them.

Although this is our last SEEDS posting this summer, it has been a wonderful summer with this year’s SEEDS kids from the Lexington Walking Tour, building a chicken coop, Iron Chef competition, cooking activities and gardening in the community garden. We all had a wonderful time. We can’t wait to celebrate this Thursday for the SEEDS kids’ graduation ceremony for successfully completing the program. Look out for a press release in a week to hear about our Graduation ceremony.



Click this to hear more about one of our Compost Partners, Alfalfa’s. We are so glad to be partnering with this wonderful downtown restaurant, and so glad they are supporting and promoting local food!


We are so glad to have office space here at Apiary Catering on Jefferson Ave. Click this to see more of what’s going on as construction continues, and how Apiary and Seedleaf will partner in the seasons to come.


CLUCK! Tour de Coops Tickets On Sale Now

by Ryan on July 23, 2014

It is time again for the annual CLUCK! Tour de Coops. This is a great chance to peek at what other neighbors are doing to keep hens here in the city. Here are the details:

  • Where: All Over Lexington, Kentucky
  • When: Sunday, August 31st, 12-4pm
  • Why: To promote safe and responsible chicken keeping here in the city.
  • Cost: $7 for adults; kids under 12 are free (click here to pay online via credit card)

Cluck Image


Garden Grill-Out Goes Great

by Laurel Dixon on July 22, 2014

Ryan’s report on our June grill-out, our third garden grill-out of the season:

It is still the first week of summer, but with a lack of rain and so much going on, I was feeling just a little bit weary already. Maybe it was too much sun, not enough water—something had me feeling dried out. The cure for this condition occurred last night at our third Garden Grill-Out of the season. In an effort to reach out to our neighbors and make new friends, Seedleaf is hosting these monthly pot-luck grill out events that are free to attend. We bring Marksbury Farm brats and hot dogs, a grill, and a table, and then we get out of the way and let the magic happen. At this event, the weather cooperated and we got a great crowd. The tables were full of home-made peach cobbler, potato salad, green salad, pizza (thanks, Mello Mushroom!), and fresh fruits and vegetables. Some neighbors brought food, but some did not—it hardly mattered as there was plenty for all.

And quietly, steadily, our garden champions— Jessica, Remy, and Erin—were directing some much needed garden maintenance. They planted a Maypop and a Fig. They watered and weeded. They taught some of our young neighbors how to water the plants (without watering the weeds). They continued to do small tasks at the right time, tasks that will cultivate a welcoming space, even after the party is over.

It was such a joy to see it all happen again on a gorgeous summer evening among the lengthening shadows. Sharing food is a major part of Seedleaf’s mission because we see how cultural and interpersonal boundaries are bridged as neighbors break bread together. This is our heart’s work. Evenings like these can spur all of us on into the hard work and challenges ahead.

While these events are free to the participants, the Garden Grill Outs, and all the quality community gardening we are busy doing, do not come cheaply. We could not persist in this good work without the generosity of our donors and our volunteers. If you are able to join in the abundance that we have the privilege of observing, either by your gift of time or of money, we hope you will do so. And please let your friends and family know why you choose to support Seedleaf in our work of nourishing communities.