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Christine Smith responsible for youth programming and development. She can be reached at


Linda is a long-time resident of Lexington having grown up in Winchester, where she helped her mother tend her vegetable garden.  She holds a BA from Davidson College and a MS in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Most of her professional career has focused on fundraising.  She is excited to put her skills and experience to work helping Seedleaf to grow and blossom.


Casey "Cee" Byrd is a Kentucky Native with a passion for education and social justice. Cee holds a BA in Environmental Studies and Sustainability from UMASS Boston and a AS in Natural Science from BCTC. When her boots aren't in the mud, she enjoys video gaming, hiking, and cooking up Appalachian goodness. Cee can be reached at


Ryan Koch is the founder and director of Seedleaf. His background in mental health (MA Counseling) remains a major motivator for his involvement with the organization. Ryan deeply appreciates gardening as a chance to grow and share produce, and to make meaningful re-connections with neighbors, soil, and the natural world. Email him at