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Seedleaf provides two services, the Compost Carpool and Raised Bed Installations, in an effort to help more of our neighbors join in on the work of making more food available throughout Fayette County.

In your free consultation, we’ll help you determine a great spot for your new garden, what kind of raised bed is right for you, or where the compost pile will best serve your household/office/church.

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Grow food at your home, office, or church

Seedleaf offers raised bed installations and garden maintenance services. We deliver the materials and construct your raised bed, and provide the soil, seeds/transplants, and support materials to get you started right.

Reduce waste and nourish gardens

Reduce the amount of waste being sent to the landfill, and help us produce the compost which keeps food growing in our community gardens, by joining the Compost Carpool. Place your kitchen scraps in our 5-gallon buckets, and we’ll come by once a week to pick them up and leave clean buckets in their place. For your own garden, we can also deliver 5 gallons of finished compost per month to your door as requested.