Service, Education and Entrepreneurship in Downtown Spaces

What is SEEDS

SEEDS stands for Service, Education, and Entrepreneurship in Downtown Spaces and empowers youth in food deserts to stand for healthy food and healthy lifestyle choices.

After applying and being accepted, SEEDS kids meet twice each week during June and July for hands-on lessons and skills development in growing, cooking, sharing, and recycling food. With career development in mind, field trips and guest chefs will add a taste of real-world opportunities to the regular tasks of cultivating and harvesting the garden.

SEEDS gives kids a purpose. Doing something useful during the summer, learning skills they’ll use later in life, spending time outdoors and growing food, cooking and learning about culinary jobs, selling produce to neighbors and making new friends. . . and they get paid!

SEEDS is a job. Youth who participate fully earn a graduation ceremony where they receive a gift card for $250. They may do whatever they wish with the money.

SEEDS is a camp. Qualified leaders and volunteers provide regular support and guidance to the youth. After three years of SEEDS programming, the team is strong, experienced, and dedicated to creating a space of safety, respect, and lifelong memories.

SEEDS is fun. Getting messy, whether in the garden or in the kitchen is always a bonus. Cleaning up happens too. Surprise waterslides and watermelons help cool us off on the hot days, not to mention the awesome smoothies!

SEEDS Needs Funding

Per child, we spend

  • $150 gardening and cooking supplies
  • $150 programming costs
  • ¬†$50 printing and administrative costs
  • $250 graduation award

For a total of $600 per child.

We would like to have 15 participants this summer, so we need to raise $9,000.

Sponsor a Scholarship

If you invest in a partial or full scholarship for a SEEDS participant, enthusiastic youngsters will get in a garden full of tools, seeds, and just enough adults, and by the end of the summer they will be able to teach you a thing or two about where food comes from.

For a $600 full scholarship, you’ll be a part of the SEEDS story. We’ll expect to see you at graduation day in August, where you’ll sport your special SEEDS t-shirt and receive a produce basket.

For a partial scholarship donation, you’ll also be a part of the story and we’ll send you Seedleaf goodies too.