Growing and Gardening

Growing Community and Fresh - Tasty - Healthy Food

 Community Gardens & Sharing

A core function of Seedleaf is the act of growing fresh, tasty and healthy foods with our neighbors.  The driving mission is to share this bountiful produce with neighbors in Lexington’s food desert areas, working with them to create a more beautiful community. We believe shared work, sweat and meaningful conversations in a community garden are a wonderful way to grow Lexington together.  Carrying out these ‘small acts of love’ in a consistent manner integrating all ages, perspectives and backgrounds drives every garden activity.

The gardens are supported by staff, countless volunteers and incredible partnerships with schools, churches and community organizations. Seedleaf carries out these garden projects through the donations of individual donors and grants.  There is a cost for materials and staff hours and we appreciate the incredible community support that has allowed us to grow from 1 garden 7 years ago, to our nearly 20 today. We specialize in

  • Design, installation and maintenance of vegetable gardens
  • Management and upkeep of community gardens
  • Troubleshooting – helping individuals with garden plots
  • Educational opportunities for school-age children
  • Facilitating group development experiences through service
  • Providing volunteer opportunities for gardeners – Come make your mistakes with us!

The benefits of growing a healthy and interconnected community is our mission as stewards of our garden areas.

Gardens Need : 

  • Financial Sponsorship
  • Volunteer Hours
  • Connections to Groups for maintenance assistance
  • Material Donations
  • Weeding during the HOT Months!



 Sponsor a Garden

We have had great success partnering with Leadership Lexington, churches and youth organizations to grow and maintain gardens.

One of our newest programs is the 1:1 Program.  Some of our local food establishments have sponsored one raised community garden bed in exchange for produce from an adjoining raised bed.  Sort of a ‘pay it forward and great story for local food establishments.  They receive a bounty of great produce to their restaurant while sponsoring the growth a fresh produce for others in the area.