Recycling Organic Waste and Training the Community


An important part of the Seedleaf mission is stewardship of the land in our area.  All usable organic matter is used to ‘fuel’ the Seedleaf gardens throughout the city.


Compost Partners

We work hard to accomplish this goal by actively gathering food from local area restaurants in a program known as ‘Compost Partners’.   This process eliminates thousands of gallons of organic waste annually from the Lexington waste stream.

Our community benefits by reducing the transport costs of this organic matter to area landfills.  The process of working with 25+ restaurants / shops with hundreds of employees provides a significant opportunity for current and future food-service leaders to see how this can be carried out effectively.

Seedleaf thanks LFUGC Department of Waste Management for being a proactive and long-term partner in this stewardship.


 Master Composters Program

Seedleaf has trained almost 100 ‘Master Composters’.  The participants and ‘graduates’ are then asked to help teach neighbors and friends, in addition to giving back some hours to Seedleaf to help grow and support this program.

A typical class consists of six sessions on the how and why of composting. Participants have learned about Fayette County’s waste stream from Esther Moberly (Division of Waste Management), about organics in our waste stream from Joanna Isaacs (Bluegrass PRIDE), and about why composting helps build soil from Krista Jacobson (University of Kentucky Sustainable Agriculture).