Seedleaf exists to nourish communities by growing, cooking, sharing, and recycling food.


We have sixteen community gardens and are dedicated to improving healthy food access.  We also have a composting program that collects materials from local area restaurants, Master Community Gardener classes, cooking classes for kids, and CLUCK, a program that teaches about urban chicken keeping.


We have multiple community gardening times each week where one of our Garden Champions will teach you about gardening and direct you in helping care for the space. Please see our calendar for specifics.


Our gardens are all over the city. Click here to see a map of our community gardens, as well as our compost pickup and drop-off points.


Many of Lexington’s residents in the central sector live in food deserts: communities where a concentrated number of households do not own vehicles and are located more than a half mile from a grocery store.  Food insecurity and the inability to obtain healthy food puts adults and children at increased risk for diabetes, obesity, malnutrition, and a number of other chronic health problems. We work to increase our neighbors’ access to healthy food–one free, u-pick garden at a time.